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Recognizing the lack of available Chinese/English bilingual books, our founder, Bonnie Hyde took it upon herself to launch an initiative to fill that gap. She wrote "I love Speaking Chinese"  in order to teach Chinese to her daughter Emma with the same method that she was already using through English language board books. 

We are focused on matching American Born Chinese children with the resources that will help them to become bilingual in Chinese. We are currently shipping copies of "I Love Speaking Chinese" to all families that want one through the GiftFreeChineseBooks initiative. 

The American Born Chinese Foundation is proud to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to education and service of the American Born Chinese community. We are futher classified as a Public Charity , status 509(a)(2).
 Donor contributions made to the ABC Foundation are tax-exempt under IRC Section 170.


I Love Speaking Chinese

A Chinese-English bilingual children's story written in English, Chinese, and Pinyin. Follow little Emma's journey as she goes to school for the first time and realize not everyone in school speaks Chinese like her. She is very proud to be bilingual and loves sharing and playing with her new friends in school. Play a counting game with Emma and explore what stuffed animals are in her classroom. Perfect for anyone interested in reading to their little ones in Chinese/English! The story is to promote the positive experience of being a bilingual child living in an English-speaking world. There's also a little parent-child interactive prompt for the children to spot and count animals. It helps create dialogue, encourage literacy, animal identification, vocabulary, counting and more! Your little one will love the animals, and love to count and find them hidden in the pictures!

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You can now purchase this adorable bilingual book and support the work of the American Born Chinese Foundation. Kindle downloads available.

Proceeds will go towards more free bilingual books for other families who need the help.

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We are proud to announce that the American Born Chinese Foundation is officially sponsoring the Los Angeles Kids Book Festival on September 17th

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What our book recipients are saying

My girls (4 & 6 yrs old) were excited to read ‘I Love Speaking Chinese’ when I first showed them. They are able to read English and majority of the English words in the book on their own. As a Chinese parent, who forgot how to read a lot of Chinese characters, the Chinese characters with Pinyin is so helpful. My girls were curious about the Chinese characters and what the dashes for the Pinyin meant. It help start conversation for my 4yr old especially to read the Chinese and what it means. It’s nice that I can just look at the English for the translation.

Thank you so much for providing this amazing program to Chinese-American families. I am not Chinese American myself (my husband is) and it is important to me that our son embraces every part of his identity. By reading these bilingual books, we are exposing him to his cultural heritage and getting more quality time with his grandparents. Thank you so much.

Yes!! I am so grateful that you are making these bilingual book so accessible!!! I want my child to learn to speak Chinese but I have no success in finding a bilingual book. She loves that she can read to me and I can read to her. Thank you!! I think this is most natural way for her to get accustomed to speaking/hearing Chinese and keep it as a positive experience.

Honestly it is hard to find bilingual books local and when it’s online, it’s usually on the expensive side and as a SAHM with only one income (my husband), I really am limited on how much I can spend a month. So a lot of stuff are hand me downs. So when I found this website, I was sooooo happy because I can finally find books in my language that I can use to teach my son the mother language! Thank you for this awesome program!!!!!!

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