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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

The American Born Chinese Foundation dedicates its efforts to bringing educational materials to American born Chinese children for free. We mail bilingual books to american born chinese children so they can learn to speak Chinese.

Are the books really free?


How can the books be free?

The American Born Chinese Foundation books are shipped for free to families forever, but of course books and programs cost money. Thousands of donors work together to help pay these costs. The FreeChineseBooks initiative is always seeking new sponsors in order to reach more families. Costs are covered by the generous support of private and public grants, donors, and sponsors to make sure Chinese children born in America have access to books that support the learning of the Chinese language and heritage. 

What if my child is not 100% Chinese, can I still get free Chinese language books? 

Yes! The American Born Chinese Foundation works to promote the learning of the Chinese language, culture, and heritage. Anyone who is interested in raising their children to have an understanding of the Chinese language and culture can still sign up HERE to qualify for the program

How can I donate to the fund to help more familes?

I want to get involved, where do I start? 

Email us at [email protected]